Pura Vida.

Pura Vida! Soy Meli aka FlowerMoonMeli, Soy una chica vegana, minimalista, que me encanta la práctica del yoga, de vivir sin plástico y viajar por el mundo con mi esposo.

Bienvenidos a mi vida, a donde trato de ser un libro abierto, así que no digo que soy perfecta, pero todos los días trato de ser un mejor ser humano!

No dudes en hacer preguntas y compartir este espacio con tus amigos!

Bienvenidos a la vida de FlowerMoonMeli 🌺🌙❤️

My Yoga Story

My Yoga Story

Hi, Pura Vida!

Let's start by saying that yoga changes my life, and yes I know everyone says that, but guess what? it probably did. I used to be a fitness instructor and I didn't use to stretch that much after my workouts. One day my body was feeling weird, and of course, I used to push my body more than it needed it in my body weight workouts.

So, it was there when I started at home practicing yoga with youtube, and I kind of liked it, but I didn't know if I was doing it right or not. So, I started looking for a yoga studio, and I found Yoga to the People. I decided to go and check it out, they are an amazing yoga studio. First, of all the name "Yoga to the People" it is yoga for you and me. Second, they are donation based studio or the ones you paid it is really affordable as well, so you want to practice yoga but you are broke, don't worry go to YTTP. Third, it is a great place to start your practice, at least that's what I think. 

So, anyways going back to my story, I went there and practice yoga. Although, yoga was really challenging for me (still is after over 8 years), but this didn't make stopped going. Actually, it made me love yoga so much that I stopped all my workouts and I only focused on yoga practice. 

Yoga changed my life by making me understand that I had to love myself, I also learned about spirituality, not religion, meaning yes! I believe in something big, but I don't believe in one God specifically. 

Later in my practice of yoga taught me how to be more kind and compassionate to every human being, thinking every woman could be my mother or my daughter, every man could be my father or my son, thinking this way, you will treat everyone like part of your family and not a stranger.

Also, yoga helped me understand why becoming Vegan was important in my life, it isn't only for my health, but also not being part of the suffering of the animals, and I am cleaning my Karma for my future lives (if you believe in that). 

It made me change my mind in a beautiful way, I try to be more positive, kind, and lovely to my own self. I love having this good energy in me because this is what I bring to my friends, family, and students.

Yoga has changed my life in so many wonderful things, and maybe you see them as little details, but these little details make my life happier and complete. It makes me a better person, and it makes me not only think about myself if not always thinking of how I can help others. 

Remember always that yoga is self-realization, and yes I am in the process, and I am enjoying it as much as I can. 

I hope that yoga has changed your life as well, and if you don't practice yoga, maybe today is a good day to start your practice. You are never too young or too old to practice yoga. Yoga is for You and Me.

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu

Que piensas de Viajar y Trabajar?

Que piensas de Viajar y Trabajar?